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This page contains a plethora of screen shots for past and current builds of [Styx]. The thumbnails will open in a new universe window. If you have a screen shot you would like to submit, feel free to e-mail the image to phantomgraph [at] gmail [dot] com.



[Styx] Version

Rated Y for Yiff

The unofficial [Styx] rating warning screen. I based the design off the logo one sees before previews for movies in the US. Rated Y for Yiffy. It's rule 34 and it's furry, nuff said. };8> This will probably be replaced at some time in the future with one that is more on the serious side, but for now it's here for the lulz.

Currently not implemented.

User Interface

This is the user interface for [Styx]. Because I wanted to use up as little of the on screen real-estate I had to put a lot of thought into how to the user would let the player know what is going on. Almost everything you see in the [Styx] interface you can float your mouse over to get more information about. In this image you can get the definition of strength by floating over the title of the graph. If you float over the graph it will give to more statistical information about the score. The little green arrows indicate that the score just went up. Red down arrows appear when a score goes down. The digital numbers after that indicate what your maximum score is.

Because I'm designing [Styx] to work on many different devices, nothing is resize-able. The full size image is the actual size of the whole game interface.


Character Tab

This is the character description tab of [Styx]. The default name for any character in the game is Meatpopsicle, which is a reference to a line in the movie The Fifth Element. There are a lot of weird and obscure references to things in [Styx]. Eventually I'll have a page up that lists all the intentional gags and references that folks have spotted that I built into the game. I might even make a prize or something if anyone gets them all. }:8>


Inventory Tab

Their are tabs along the top and bottom in [Styx]. All of the controls for the game are on the bottom tab. Here you can see the inventory list. Again, floating your mouse over the item will pop up more information about the item in question.


Satellite View

This is the satellite view of all the areas in [Styx]. It's actually a retouched satellite photo from one of the LANSAT's orbiting earth. Note the tiny yellow box in the top left corner. That's one grid square or location the player can visit. Their are over one thousand different locations in [Styx].


Topographic View

This is a simulated topographic view of the map. The player can switch between the satellite and topographical views simply by clicking on the image. The yellow box is still in the same position in this image, but it's harder to see on this map type. In the future, other colored boxes will appear on the map to indicate special places you have visited. Also of note, the top left hand corner of the game interface under the time is the players current grid location. (Note that at the time this image was taken, neither the time or the grid coordinates were functioning.)


New Game Screen

The new game form. You can see some of the options (and spelling mistakes) available during character creation. }:8>


Terrain Editor

I tossed this up just for fun. This is a image of the terrain editor I used to build the world. It probably won't make any sense to anybody, but it's kind of like a paint program for terrain. (BTW I know I spelled terrain wrong on the form and in the code.) Currently the code for [Styx] includes the editor but it is disabled. Since this is something a player should never mess with all of the code for this will be removed in the final versions.

This image shows the number of places the player can visit in the game.



This is an updated image of the interface showing the intro to the game in the main hud and the layout for the action buttons. Here the only action the player can preform is More, to continue with the introduction.


Last Gasp

The last version of [Styx] under Gambas 2.21 *sniff* I'm officially retiring Gambas 2.21 as of this version. All version numbers of [Styx] post 0.2.51 are compiled in Gambas 3.X You might notice it looks a bit different from earlier builds. I had to do a major upgrade to the old QT 3 libraries so I could get ready for version 4.



This is the new Gambas 3 that I'll be working with to make [Styx]. Among a metric f*ck ton of little bugs, Gambas 3 now uses the QT 4.0 user interface. It might not mean a lot to you, but that puts [Styx] in line to run on more modern devices like iPads and crap. To give you a little idea of what it's like for me, it's like moving from Windows 98 to 7!


Styx Under Gambas 3

It's still a very early test build, but here is [Styx] running under Gambas 3. It doesn't look a whole hell of a lot different except the fonts are easier to read and the colors match the more modern Linux interface / Theme. You can also get a gander at the Inventory system in action here. All the items shown are part of a reserved set that won't be in the actual game, but they actually work! Applying the health serum raises your PHP if you have been wounded. The other stuff, well you'll just have to guess for now what they do. };8>


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