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[Styx] is an adult text based science fiction RPG that takes place in a future universe where the human race has begun to populate the galaxy. Although the dominant race, humans have encountered extraterrestrial life. Finding that life is not all that uncommon, but that intelligent species are quite rare.

The game begins when the player is dispatched to investigate a mysterious signal coming from a planetary system on the frontier of Confederation space. As the player zeros in on the source of the signal, his ship crash lands on an alien planet. The player must then survive, learning about this alien world and learn to interact with its environment and the indigenous lifeforms, many of which seem to transform the player both physically and mentally.

The player is immersed in a world that is far different from whence he came. Technology, which is a mainstay in the confederation, seems all but nonexistent. The various intelligent indigenous lifeforms, while generally humanoid in appearance seem to have evolved in a plethora of strange, yet familiar ways. With eleven races, hundreds of unique items, over one thousand different locations and many NCP's to interact with, [Styx] is the largest single player furry text adventure yet!

[Styx] is currently being developed for the X windows system using QT and Gambas. Plans are in the works for ports to the Mac and Windows operating systems and possibly some hand held devices. The game is currently in pre-beta and so access to the game is currently by request only. If you would like to help out testing [Styx] send an e-mail to phantomgraph at gmail dot com with "Request INFO: [Styx]Pre-beta Tester" as the subject. Please include the distribution of Linux you plan on testing [Styx] within the body of the e-mail.

Current system requirements: A Linux distribution with the X window system, the QT 3 4 user interface, 1GB RAM with 30 MB free hard drive (or equivalent) space, and Gambas 2 3 development environment.

Coming soon to a Linux box near you!

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