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"Welcome weary traveler! Cold? Pull up a log and warm yourself by Arden's fire. Thirsty? Drink a drought of fine Lee-algem ale. *belch* Come, sit back, tell me your tale of woe so that I might lift mine own fallen spirit."

Ten minutes later you're rummaging in the old drunkard's pack. You find several old and tattered tomes ripe for reading.

Here be the library, a list of PDF files I've used/am using while I develop [Styx]. When I finalize the documents I'll make web viewable versions, but for now you'll need a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat. (If you don't already have it.) Oh, and don't expect everything to make sense as not all of it will be implemented, but for now it's a nice look see at what I'm working on and what might just be. };8>





[ Story Introduction ]

This is the introduction story plot for the game. Nothing much special here just the original document used to code the intro sequence in the game. The name Meatpopsicle is the default name the game gives you on character creation. When you play [Styx], you get to choose your own name. (Generous, aren't I?)


[ World Terrains ]

Just a list of the various terrains you will encounter playing the game. The base description is also included, which means that lighting effects (day, night, dusk, and dawn) are not accounted for. The numbers in the notes column are the traverse times under good conditions and normal encumbrance.


[ Player Races ]

Here be a list of the races the player can transform into. Yes, all of them except Human. You start 100% human but you will not stay that way. Because my thinking is a little convoluted, I'll explain what each column means. Game name is the name the race goes by in the game. So if you run into a Paardsol, it's an anthro horse. Root name is just what words and language I roughly based the name on so paard soldeersel are the words and P is Portuguese. (D is Deutsch) Base Description is just the words in English. The +'s and -'s are the races natural abilities. This reflects directly to the players ability scores. Lastly Specials indicates what special abilities a player with a significant amount of transformation might have.


[ Item List ]

Ah, the god list. Expect this list to be removed at some point in time! This is my master list of the items in the game. Eventually every item will be listed in this delicious file. Most of it's fairly self explanatory. You can ignore the Int# and I Name columns however, that's the internal name and number of the item. (Something I use in the coding of the game.) The notes column might look a little odd but that's OK, it's just me writing in my native language. };8> You might be able to figure out how to read it, but the really nifty bits are double encoded.

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