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Current Version 0.7.2

The Velleman K8055 Linux / Gambas project is a set of open source code and documentation to make connecting a Velleman K8055 USB Experiment Interface Board with Gambas on a Linux box 'simple'.

No EXEC calls, no trying to link into shared objects (.so), no real knowledge of c or c++; nothing. Add the class object to your Gambas project, create a instance of the object, set a few properties (or call autoconnect) and tell the board what to do. That's it.

Update : The class module is done. I'm now writing the documentation to make compiling / installing the kernel drivers and how to use the class. (Don't Panic! - You don't have recompile the kernel.)

I have a demo program I'm also scribbling up that will act almost exactly like the one Velleman ships with the card, only on Linux and written in Gambas. That part is done in fact, I'm just adding some fun stuff to it to show off what the card and the class module can do!

Current system requirements: A Linux distribution with the X window system, the QT 4 user interface, 1GB RAM with 30 MB free hard drive (or equivalent) space, and Gambas 3-3.3.3 development environment.


About the Downloads

The Secret File - A tar.bz2 with what I have so far.

Class Module Only - A tar.bz2 with the latest version of the class module in it, a copy of the license and a plain text file with my contact information on it. Note: The class file contains extensive comments. Kind, arn't I :P

Documentation PDF - A tar.bz2 with a pdf file in it with all the information you need to set up everything except Gambas. (You should have Gambas3-3.3.3 or better already on your computer already.) Includes a copy of the class module, the license and my contact info.

The Demo Project - A tar.bz2 with everything above and the sample program. Unzip it where ever you keep your Gambas projects, fire up the Gambas and run it / compile it, take a look at the source code whatever.

Updated Nov 13, 2012!
Version 0.7.2

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